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  1. Hi guys I currently have my main account with these guys. My "deal" if you will even call it that with this place is for 7.5 per ticket. DSL, and all CME fees waived. And of course they use the realtick platform where by you do 25-50 tickets per month and the platform fees are waived.

    Now here is the thing guys, I don't receive ECN rebates with Terra Nova Online. (Standard ECN fees apply ARCA .003, ISLD .003 INCA .003 ISI .0025 Isld no ECN fees for liquidity). Also as I am not here to bitch and moan about commissions but it would be helpful to find out if anybody here is using this firm in particular has been able to negotiate with Terra Nova Online a better deal and if so does that also include ECN rebates.

    If you would be willing to post your situation here on the board or PM me, either way would be very helpful to me thanks.
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    Been using TNT for years. Always trade 50+/month, so RT3 fees are waived. Never tried negotiating commissions.

    I know there are cheaper commission rates out there, but my trading is such that I am not scalping for pennies so while cheaper commission might be good, it is not a necessity for my profitability.

    Besides, I like the reliability of TNT and will pay a premium for it - over the past three years I can only think of one problem I would consider "major", and it was resolved quickly. Their support is always very quick, and what can I say - every morning it is up and running and works great. I read nightmare stories on ET about other providers/platforms always being down, having bad data, etc.
  3. Thats the thing why I have never switched with them. They are so reliable. Staff is attentive and picks up on one ring. When I travel and want to put a trade through the 1800 line picks up in 5 seconds. However, in a real world situation I know they are getting their ECN fees and I'm good customer to them. I wouldn't mind know if someone was able to negotiate those ECN fees back to their account or whatever deal they may have with them.