Terra Nova Online Notice: RealTick 7.4 Download

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  1. Dear Customer:

    In our continuing effort to provide innovative and sophisticated trading tools to our customers, we are pleased to announce the release of RealTick version 7.4. This new version incorporates the new margin calculations that will be implemented on September 28, 2001. To ensure uninterrupted trading and to facilitate full margin privileges, please download RealTick version 7.4 before September 27, 2001. The download is now available. To download RealTick version 7.4, please click here: http://www.realtick.com/support/download_center.asp Failure to download the new version will greatly impact your ability to trade, for without it, you will be limited to trading with one times maintenance excess on an aggregate basis, and DAY TRADING WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE. Version 7.4 also includes the following features:

    · New Margin Calculations
    · My Order
    · Bump Key
    · Chart Multiplier
    · Click and Assign ECN

    Again, please download the new version at your earliest convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact Client Services at 866-866-6546 or email us at support@terranovaonline.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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  2. RealTick 7.4 Update
    Update 20010926

    This update installs all files necessary to move from Build 20010923.000 to Build 20010926.002
    Problems corrected and feature enhancements:
    Changes the default behavior of the Stocks window. The focus remains on the selected TAB when the symbol is changed.
    Repairs a problem in the COM interfaces of the Option Quote Screen.
    Repairs a problem encountered by non-order entry users.
    Repairs a problem in the installation process on Windows 98 and Windows ME.
    Repairs an occasional problem displaying account information in a new window.
    Repairs a problem in displaying the Order Entry Properties Dialog on Windows NT and Windows 98.
    Repairs a problem related to pending margin and closing