Terra Nova Online Alert: ECN Book Data

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  1. NO Ecn Book Data on Monday, 9/17/2001
    Terra Nova Online Alert: RealTick ECN Book Data

    In response to the tragic events in New York on Tuesday, September 11th, Townsend Analytics, Ltd. is offering quote and trading solutions to many firms and end users that have moved into temporary locations around the New York Area. Our facilities are able to accommodate the needs of the additional users; however, we feel it is prudent to use the resources we have in the most efficient manner. Consequently, we are temporarily removing RediBook and ISLAND ECN Book data. We will continue to deliver ARCA book data. RediBook and ISLAND book will again be available on the TAL data feed once we determine that data integrity will not be affected.

    The RediBook and ISLAND data can be seen by opening a browser window in RealTick and going to the ECNs' Web page.

    REDI does not have a stand alone viewer like ISLD. You must open it in the window above.

    We will continue to monitor the market conditions and our resources and will add the RediBook and Island ECN book data as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience,

    Townsend Analytics