Ternary Decision Theory (TDT) Oscillator

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  1. Those of you who follow my work in the IEEE Journal of Physically Unrealizable Servomechanism Design and Unexplained Phenomena know that I am the Assistant Adjunct Associate Visiting Night School Professor (Untenured) of Nuevo Cybernetic Theory and Day Trading at the Southern North Texas Community College in East Plano.

    My credentials thus being unfirmly established, it is my displeasure to announce to ET at large and at small that I have succeeded in extending Ternary Decision Theory (TDT) from the micro nagual world of scalping to the macro tonal world of unvesting. This advance was made possible only by the fraudulent pioneering work on consciousness and its un by Carlos Castenada, assisted by perodigious quantities of 'shrooms brought to me from West Texas by my slacker son the most popular strip joint DJ and bouncer outside the campussy of Texass Tech in compensation for my support of his being the oldest senior at said unstitution and inuversity.

    As my work in the scalping world is well documented here, I will offer without further ado the daily TDT chart of CMA. Using this tuel, I recently bought CMA at 30 bucks and change at sold it at nearly 54. I will in future offer further examples of the effuckacy of this oscillator, whether you believe it or not. And never forget: laughing well is the best revenge.

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  2. As we say here in Texas: "Truly stupid people don't know that they are." Here's CME. Mean anything to you?

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  4. TDT is thoroughly grounded in cybernetic principles and probability distributions and is no laughing matter. I am profitably long one share of CMA because I trust it.
  5. I've run the test on this and it's not too bad...:D :p

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    OP it is good that you have something to do in your age, but you will remain a piker unless you get serious.

    I'll PM you
  7. Do you really expect us to believe that NONE of this was inspired by Jack Hershey and SCT?
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    The joke stops being funny when you have to explain it...
  9. I meant my comment more along the lines of... hey Joe, fess up about who your real inspiration comes from!
  10. The TDT oscillator has the virtue that it confirms your gut feel for the market. For example, is it time to long the large caps?
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