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  1. I considered getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 through Sprint or AT&T. I read a few paragraphs into the Terms of Use for Sprint and thought only an idiot would agree to that. They can literally change all terms, fees, etc. at any time without notice.

    So then I went on to AT&T... 39 pages and 18,496 words.

    It really is sad that the average customer is so naive as to agree to these things. It's big business raping the people.

    I called Comcast last week to add a few land lines. They want to do install in 3 weeks. I told them to go fuck theirself and call me back when they want to do serious business.

    WTF is up with big business? Do consumers really let them push people around like that? Am I the only one who stands up for theirself?
  2. Phone companies have been raping customers for decades.

    First it was AT&T monopoly. The US government broke it up. So the 7 baby bells rape customers individually, plus Sprint and MCI. Since then the baby bells ate up each other or got married. But the game goes on.

    Every time the government forced them to do something, they figure out a new way to charge customers. You want to select your own long-distance carrier, they charge access fee. You want to keep your phone number whichever cell phone you go with, they start charging 95% of the people who don't care "phone number portability" fee. I look at my phone bill, every month there are a few dollars of this surchage and that surchage.
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    Consider Ting a Sprint MVNO. You only pay for what you use and not at outrageous pricing.