Terminators min wage cuts foiled by technology of the past.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. http://cbs13.com/local/state.budget.crisis.2.1786562.html

    The Californias payroll computer system will not be ready to make the minimum wage changes until 2012.

    Apparently the payroll system hasnt been updated since 14 years BEFORE the first terminator movie and now they cant update because nobody around now knows the programming language of that day.
  2. SkyNet wins again!
  3. 377OHMS


    Arnold should fire the Controller, get an injunction and put the guy in jail.

    Then order the next-in-charge to immedietely implement the changes or face the same thing. Send the Guard over there if necessary.
  4. sumfuka


    Arnold is part of skynet, so all he has to do is go back in time (14 years or so) to India and look for a programmer named john conners. Let's see how the terminator's spanish work in Bollywood. :D
  5. :D LOL
  6. Might be easier if he just goes back in time a few years to before the financial crisis, short the market, buy gold at $400 per oz, sell oil at $147, and put the rest in credit default swaps. Then we have plenty of money to pay everyone, right?

    Wait a minute...maybe he did do that! I mean if he started buying gold at $400 it would push gold prices up to $1200. If he sold Oil at $147, then the price of oil would plummet, and if he put the rest in CDS's, then it collapses the economy! So all this is Arnolds fault!

    We cant change the past, because whatever happened happened. Heres an explaination.

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  7. It doesn't matter. 10% of the Sacramento economy is comprised of state workers, do you think they will be spending discretionary income or saving up for the worst case scenario?

    One more job killer for California. And the beat goes on.