TERMINATOR vs Couch Potato Portfolio. Assets portfolio management for Alёsha. Week 43rd.

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  1. KiboR


    Hi guys!

    To continue our marathon let us sum up the results of 43rd week of trading.


    The result of the last week:


    List of participants who used to be with us:
    1. Boris Litvinov (left the competition early);
    2. Michael Zaburaev (left the competition early);
    3. Mr Gold (left the competition early);
    4. Just like this (left the competition early);
    5. BRIGHT FUTURE (left the competition early);
    6. Sergey Smetanin (left the competition early);
    7. Kubatay (exceeded the 30% loss limit of deposit);
    8. GermanOptions (disqualified for 5 weeks absence);
    9. qwerty (left the competition early);
    10. Yuri K. (disqualified for 5 weeks absence);
    11. Eugene Mezhov (left the competition early);
    12. TKC Partners (disqualified for 5 weeks absence);
    13. GoodBargains (disqualified for 5 weeks absence);
    14. Forex's Advocate (made no trades for 16 weeks);
    15. ALANES (is afraid of ROE like the plague);
    16. Algo Trader (disqualified from voting);
    17. discovery (disqualified for 5 weeks absence);
    18. Dmitry K (disqualified for averaging trading positions);
    19. Grad (made no trades for 30 weeks);
    20. KiboR (lost profits by closing short position on RTS Futures before its fall April, 09th 2018);
    21. Investment advisor (exceeded the 30% loss limit of deposit).
    It was an incredible week, almost all participants showed positive results.

    All would be perfect however Couch potato portfolio failed only.
    For this portfolio it would be better, if at the first week our Couch potato invested to MOEX Russia Index (+6.24 %) or invested to risk-off OFZ 46005 (+5.49 %).

    But he decided in the very beginning that he was the smartest in the Universe and that was why he made up his mind to set up the portfolio in such a way and for this moment the result of Сouch potato portfolio has not exceeded 0% (-0.57%).

    MOEX Russia Index:


    Russian rouble:


    The New Russian Volatility Index (RVI):

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  2. Sedok


    Hi KiboR, this is Alesha. Thanks for your main year competition review, honest bots versus fish battle description. I send You a screen where SenSor's bots jiggle Si market (9.11.18), using Futures Magic (c) software (in Russian). Only for a good memory, not for a boast
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  3. KiboR


    Hi, frd! Was it November 9th, 2018? As far as I know SenSor isn't working with Alesha this year. Are you really that Alёsha?)
  4. Sedok


    Yes, it was 9th of November. We work with SenSor for 4.5 years, since May of 2014. Maybe, there is somebody else named Alesha but I think that my entry into SenSor's system is marked earlier )))
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  5. KiboR


    It's a very interesting story)) Do you know any other good traders except SenSor? What are their names or nicknames?
  6. Sedok


    To my big regret I know only SenSoR in the Russian market. There wasn't need to diversify my futures portfolio because it was too small (up to now). I know exactly that my own aggressive profile makes me to invest only into futures and only into pairs "strong currency - weak currency" as Si example.
    On my screen above I've presented 1-day profit for summary depo of RUR 2.5 mln. Such extremely high 1-day profit I saw only in December 2014. Now we are waiting for December 2018! The show must go on. I strongly believe in SenSoR he is the first in this rally, my bet is my deposit )).
  7. Sedok


    What do You think about KiboR's Russian National Bot's Journey in 2019? Only bots, without any hands and potato? ))) I know that on the distance calibrated bots always crash any hands. Start deposit should be RUR 1 Mln sharp.
  8. KiboR


    I believe that couch potato should have 30% loss in the fist part of 2019. If it is done all our audience will resolve that a good high education, clever and clean mind and robust bots are much more better than stupid couch potato style. I wish I can have time for 10, maximum 20 weeks, to see it in 2019.
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  9. Ilgan


    You have listed various companies asset portfolio management, this information is valuable to the business man, or the accountants and CFO is the big organization how the controlling the account of companies and know about asset portfolio, this article will help these people to understand the the market condition.
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