Terminal Move

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rtstrading, May 19, 2007.

  1. As the DJIA continues its move higher it is becoming increasingly likely that the move is TERMINAL!

    Just as a dwarf star gets ever brighter as its days are doomed and then subsequently burns out, the DJIA and blue chip stocks in general that are leading the market higher without the following of the troops (ie Nasdaq; Russell) is a terminal move. These types of moves are very exciting and creates lots of enthusiasm to get the public into the market always at the wrong time.

    Is it time to sell...not yet, but the writing on the wall is becoming obvious to some. Be careful if you are a longer term investor as this market is TERMINAL.
  2. That "parabolic" look is probably not parabolic at all on the log chart.
  3. Yea astrophysics and the stock market are closely related