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  1. Dearest Brother Tony,

    Barbara Simon was interviewed in Chapter 11 of The Guts & Glory of Day Trading. Teresa Lo was interviewed in Chapter 2 of that same book.

    Barbara Simon was / is a techno-fundamentalist trader, who prefers swings with sleeper stocks. She stresses that a trader should study 5 years worth of a company's fundamental data before putting money into it.

    I do not think Teresa places such a reliance on fundamental analysis... which puts me firmly in Teresa's camp.

    With brotherly regards,
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  2. Don't get too excited Candle. I got on Ms Lo's mailing list and every morning I would get an URL sent to me for her market analysis. Just when I got down to the interesting bits it would then tell me that a subscription was required to read the rest. This lady is a real teaser and might be a very frustrating date.
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  3. Brother Dufferdon,

    I have a calming influence on even the most teasing of females... their path to enlightenment will inevitably be guided by the Candle, sooner or later...

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    Barbara Simon = Jenna, I believe she ran the Market Gems thread
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  6. I got this out of "The amazing life of Jesse Livermore"

    Livermore noticed that novices never asked the simple questions:

    "Why have you chosen me to give this priceless advice?"

    "If you have this information, then why aren't you rich?"
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    Over 8000 messages, she must be busy.
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  9. I doubt this chick trades, unless she has a whole bunch of assistants.
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    Seriously folks I'd much prefer to be in J Lo's room. With all due respect Candle why do you talk with the affectation?
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