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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bonaqua, Mar 14, 2002.

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    Hello! I want to try www.trendVue.com with Teresa Lo. Do you have any experiences with their service, chatroom, their book Technical Trader's Handbook, etc..? Thanks you for your help!
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    Sorry my English. I am not native speaker... :( :)
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    Neither is T-Lo.

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    She is legit. She calls trades with time to enter, defines risk, etc. Entries are on stop limit, an exact exit stop is always specified. She does not publish a track record of calls that I am aware of. She will often trade only one to three times a day (eminis only) so the challenge when you are in her room is not to piss your capital away on a bunch of freelance trades.
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    She is for real and you are getting the best education for your money.She has large number of current and former student as me. If you are new to trading then you will like her plain English explanation, if you want to discuss more complex stratergy then Victoria can take care of you.
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    Agreed -- she is very good.
    I've watched her for several years and she has an excellent ability to see price patterns for what they are, with very little bias and great clarity. Highly recommended.

    and no, I am NOT associated with her operation ... just giving credit where credit is due.
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  8. T. Lo is the real deal. Will not churn and explains the techniques she uses and why. Will probably let you sit in on her room for a few days if you contact her. Highly recommended.
  9. I have sat in on a couple of her weekend tutorials and she certainly knows what she is talking about. However, I haven't seen her trade.

    One thing going for her is that she doesn't see the need to pop up here hyping her site, unlike some others.
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