Teresa Lo?

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  1. Does anyone have experience with Teresa Lo's website? I would appreciate any comments. Thnx. Steve46
  2. nitro


    PM glassinc - He has extensive experience with TLO.

  3. who is glassinc and why would one want to pm this person?

    nitro, you got some dirt?
  4. Momento


    Isn't her the lady that was interviewed on the S&C magazine, saying that NO ONE MAKES A LIVING FROM TRADING?
  5. fan27


    I remember reading that interview. She probably thinks that if SHE can't make a living trading, then no one else can. Quite arrogant if you ask me.
  6. yup that was her...she said "the whole trading for a living thing is a big lie" then she goes on to sell her services to pro-traders...what a joke
  7. Arrogant female traders make the best lovers...

    I have seen some pics of her and I gotta say that I think she's hot...
  8. Momento



    let's see them Candle

  9. you have traders goggles bro!!!!.....you need to walk away from your computer a couple times a week. Go to the supermarket during the afternoon while all the MILF`s are getting groceries.
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