TEPCO: Not to Worry About Latest Leak at Fukushima

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    February 2, 2012

    TEPCO reported today that more than eight tons of radioactive water has leaked from the number four reactor at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant after a frozen pipe burst. The electric company said none of the water reached outside of the stricken reactor containment building.

    Fukushima reactor number 4 containment building.

    TEPCO failed to winterize the reactor’s cooling system and this oversight led to fractures in pipes due to frozen water inside, according to reports.

    “I wouldn’t say this is a positive development. But it isn’t something that would further stoke safety concerns over other nuclear plants,” Kenji Sumita, honorary professor at Osaka University, told Reuters. “If it hadn’t been for the Fukushima disaster, an incident like this could have gone unreported.”

    more - http://www.infowars.com/tepco-not-to-worry-about-latest-leak-at-fukushima/
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    In early January, it was reported by a number of sources that radiation from Fukushima has spread worldwide. 20,000 premature deaths in the United States have been attributed to the increased level of radiation, up from an estimated 14,000 in December. Meanwhile, a sudden rise in thyroid cancer has stumped the medical establishment.

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    Now you've gone and made me hungry for sushi... and a big Kirin and some miso soup.

    You owe me $40.00.
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    This was debunked. And, it was supposed to be 20,000 babies. LOL

    But, I'll have a Kirin, too, if you are buying.
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    I worked for a company that introduced a new heart valve in Europe. They introduce everything in Europe first because the potential for lawsuit payouts is far less. It caused heart attacks and strokes in 60% of recipients. They got rid of some of the rest of the inventory via the VA. The VA has people sign waivers for getting "experimental" treatment. So I got the take on the ongoing disasters this horrible sweat shop of a company was causing from a VP. She said "we like to think that we do more good than harm". The implantable industry was able to get a court to legislate the idea that to win a lawsuit, the plaintiff has to prove that the product overall does more harm than good, before it was just to prove that harm was done to an individual. The value system of the US has eroded so badly that, well, I believe in a God that is active in the affairs of mankind.. I think that the destruction of the US of A will be pretty thorough, thorough enough to reduce these companies with their horrible values to rubble...

    I was listening to the George Noory show late last night. The guest was talking about the chemical pollution that we are saturating our environment with. He said that in the US a chemical is innocent until proven guilty, in Europe it's the other way around. I don't think these radiation leaks bother the psychopaths that are running things at all... it's a very good idea for people to get a few books about psychopaths on their Kindles in order to get a handle on just how bad things can actually get...
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    Good post.

    I remember when Fukushima occurred that the radiation detection stations on the West Coast were prohibited from releasing data on detectable radiation levels.

    Yesterday they closed the San Onofre nuclear plant for some kind of radiation release. Lots of good memories of surfing their sea-wall when I was a kid. The water did seem a litte warmer than the surrounding sea. :D

    You think about a nuclear power plant and then you think about the windmills being built near Tehachapi and the solar power fields in the Antelope Valley and realize that soon there will not be enough power to keep the lights on in southern California. If you try to put in a home generator they make you get a permit and buy some bs ultra low emission generator that costs a fortune.

    Soon only the rich will be able to live here which makes sense because there are no jobs for anyone outside the entertainment "industry". You can't even find a place that can paint a car because they are required to have a $1M paint booth.

    Ok, rant mode off.