Tent Cities Springing up across the USA

Discussion in 'Economics' started by birdman, Nov 23, 2008.

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  2. get the joke!

    there have always been tent cities and the poor even during the biggest of the boom times.

    seriously! whats wrong wiht you people?? learn some history

    Do those people really look like the middle class? its just a bunch of hobos and the news is hyping it--- hahahaha
  3. [​IMG]

    I'm reporting that guy to PETA, no dog should be without a home. This is unfair and unethical to have a dog living in these conditions. Sure, the man in the picture has rights, he has a right to live on the street and register to vote. But my god, a helpless four legged animal forced to eat out of a dumpster or worse. What has our country come to when animals are treated this way?
  4. Funnny sheeeet!!!

    Yeah , that guy looks like he was ex bear sterns--- flying first class just last year!

    gimme a break! THOSE ARE BUMS AND WINOS!! nothing more, nothing less!
  5. You must be a children service division employee.