Tensions Explode On CNBC, As Simon Hobbs Tells Cramer: "You Told People To Buy Bear S

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  1. As far as specific company rhetoric concerning earnings and what not I'm sure he his opinion is fine BUT..

    I'm shocked at some of the comments regarding trading and market structure that cramer makes. He is profoundly stupid with these matters.
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    If the market is looking for Cramer for leadership. . . holy #@*& we're in trouble.
  3. That Simon Hobbs is such a giant turd sandwich that I found myself in Cramer's corner, for the first time in more than a decade.
  4. Wow, people still watch that shit?
  5. Cramer is beyond reproach.

    or is it beyond redemption?
  6. Who cares what they say??

    They are ACTORS not traders.

    Its his job to talk in over-dramatic style and say foolish statements everyday that will keep viewers entertained and watching the channel,
    as that is how the TV company makes their money.
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    Cheap entertainment for the (financial) masses.
  8. Not so cheap for those that bought Bear Sterns!

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    Lol ya'll hate cramer?
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