Tenet gets taken to the wood shed

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nasdaqmadness, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. I cant belive how bad THC got pounded after hours tonight. I don't make a habit of bottom fishing but this was just too tempting. It traded as low as 17.75 I hope I still love this stock in the morning :confused: :eek:
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    another great j. cramer pick!
  3. Looks like you did well, it's around $19.50

    I was surprised this stinker was actually way up today, while other stocks were all down. Had to expect it was headed for a drop.
  4. I'm buying some Nov 20 Calls in the AM. Purely speculative trade. Might turn it into a calendar spread.
  5. I was already holding Jan and Feb calls before this massacre. My average is pretty low after buying stock tonight. I really think that when this thing shakes out it should be trading well above $25. There is good value hidden behind all the gloom and doom. Could get ugly in the short term. I hope there are some buyers tomorrow morn when all those stops trigger at the open. "May the trading gods be shining on us all" :)
  6. The options prices were CRAZY last friday when it dropped from like $36 to $23. Never seen anything like it, wild bid/ask spreads, each exchange way different prices, no consistency.
  7. i don't know much about this co. and I hope everyone makes $....but by the looks of it , I wouldn't buy this thing with Nitro's money....looks too much like TYC
  8. Yes bizarre. NOV 25 C bid/ask was 2x2 when I bought. Today they closed at 3.90 up 1.30. I sold at 3.50 in the afternoon for no reason at all and recall being pissed about how much I left on the table. They might open at what - a dime tomorrow? Guess there was some volume on the 30s today too. Those folks are gonna be wild over this.

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    Don't remind me of TYC - my bette noire...

    THC, looks like a bottomless pit to me...

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    looks like trying to pick up nickels in front of a bull dozer.

    Good luck to anyone playing this one.
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