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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by billomalley, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. A 25 year old analytical, hard-worker with a passion for capital markets is looking to enter the business of trading. I have experience wholesaling which is raising capital and have been reading about trading for the past ten years. As a wholesaler you constantly mutter corporate speak to raise AUM, and learn nothing about actual investment strategy. The only plus is I've made contacts who run institutional money and learned about the organization of the financial services game from hedge funds to variable annutiies. It was a great experience but time to move on. I was a special projects coordinator for the US group CEO of major financial services company with over $300 B AUM in US, prior to wholesaling for same organization.

    I do not pretend to know how to trade, just stating that this is my passion. I am trying to start trading for a living, be it prop, retail, portfolio, anything where I can look at the screens all day and absord information from seasoned veterans. I offer a hard work ethic, quick learning ability and a willingness to learn that will prove itself. Please contact me and put me to the test. I moved to Atlanta recently but am from NJ, I am willing to live anywhere to learn this. My interest is strong in international relations, economics, and mass psychology. I've read enough, and studied enough math - looking for a teacher now. Please let me know of any opportunities, I am willing to work for free but would prefer a base salary so as to avoid a night job, Sallie Mae always has her hand out. Your kindness in reading this post is appreciated, thanks.