Ten-year Treasury yields touch 4%, 18-month high

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  1. NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Yields on 10-year U.S. Treasury notes touched 4% on Monday, the highest level in 18 months, as the government sets out to sell $82 billion in debt this week and more data solidified expectations that the U.S. economy is firmly on the mend. Yields on benchmark 10-year notes /quotes/comstock/31*!ust10y (UST10Y 3.99, +0.06, +1.55%) , which move inversely to prices, touched just above 4% before sliding back to 3.99%, the highest level on a closing basis since October 2008.


    Don' t worry, be happy. :) :p :D
  2. Here is the spin. This is good it means the economy is recovering wink wink.
  3. Yeah, since bond traders are always a "bit smarter" than equity traders wink wink...:cool:
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    Cant wait for this weeks auctions, fun fun and more fun.
  5. Well, today's 10y TIPS auction was EXTREMELY strong, but I suspect that this isn't the sort of fun you were expecting...
  6. What does that really mean?........that deflation is on the horizon? :confused: :eek: :confused:
  7. No, the opposite, if anything... At any rate, there seems to be healthy demand for US treasuries, judging also by the 3y auction today.
  8. Sure there is plenty of demand from that secret buyer with the magic press.