Ten reported killed in Libya cartoon clashes

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    TRIPOLI (Reuters) - About 10 Libyans were killed in clashes with police when they tried to storm an Italian consulate in Libya on Friday in protests against Danish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad, Italian officials said. Libya said there had been deaths but gave no figure, as Muslim anger against the cartoons flared anew in parts of the world.

    This has ZERO to do with any genuine religious concern...much less any real interest in piety or purity.


    The radical muslim world is showing itself to be every bit as ridiculous and childish as they correctly fear the west is perceiving them.

    No one to blame but yourselves, dudes.
  2. Saxon, with all due respect, you're assuming that Libyans have the same basic mindset as the American or European idiots who riot over the outcome of sporting events. It isn't so.

    The mindset is different, and the goal is <b>restoring honor</b>. Of course that seems ridiculous to any Westerner unfamiliar with Muslim Arab culture, and you can't comprehend how acting like a mob of mindless thugs does anything to 'restore honor'.

    If you'd like to begin to understand it, check out this thread:

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    From that article:

    In other words, there appears to be no way to avoid a final confrontation.

    hmm...sounds very apocalyptic. but if this "shame culture" mindset is as pervasive as you seem to suggest, then perhaps 'confrontation' is the wrong word. 'Self-destruction' might be more apt.

    We can hope, anyway, that there are at least some elements of Islamic culture that are not strangers to reason; and that those elements will eventually supplant the self-aggrandizing, delusional radicals in search of 'honor'.

    So far, however, the more reasonable factions have been all but mute. And that might be the biggest tragedy.
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    I don't think Islam is lost to reason. Look at the old testament and the violent rubbish in that- and how life was in the dark ages in europe. Christianity devleoped away from that mindset and so can Islam.

    That doesn't mean we try to appease Islamic fundamental sentiment while hoping this will happen, on the contrary hardcore muslims should be opposed and told what dangerous ideas they hold at every chance IMO.
  5. Care to tell the rest of the story?:

    "The riot appeared to be a reaction to Italian Cabinet Minister Roberto Calderoli, who said this week he would wear a T-shirt printed with the cartoons satirizing Prophet Mohammad that have provoked protests across the Muslim world. His remark was widely published in Libya."

    What would you say if the House Majority leader of this country decided to behave like that?

    While it doesn't excuse Muslim behavior in this situation, its completely irresponsible for an elected official to act in a manner that would needlessly endanger his countrymen overseas.

    "Calderoli actually wore the T-shirt underneath a suit on Friday. Hours later, while the riot was taking place, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi asked for Calderoli's resignation."

    Berlusconi should have had him stripped down to that T-shirt, flown him over Tripoli, and had him thrown out into the mob; purely in the interest of preserving Italian lives and property.