Ten Free Copies Of Hazlitt's 'Economics In One Lesson'

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  1. The first ten people in the continental US who 'PM' me their name and address will receive a free copy of 'Economics In One Lesson' by Henry Hazlitt.
  2. great book.

    No other can be better to get real economic principles.

    If you add "Free to choose" you get a great deal of economics.
  3. Whats special about yours? New edition? Serious question..not bashing.

    One google search and I found this.

  4. The book needs to be rewritten to reflect the real world.

    Example: 19. Minimum Wage Laws

    "There is no escape from the conclusion that the minimum wage will increase unemployment."


    This is proven to be false. Robert Reich is the latest I know of to show that states with higher minimum wage laws had higher growth rates and lower unemployment. The Clinton Administration had a similiar study conclude the same thing back in the 1990's.
  5. That depends whether the minimum wage is below or above the equilibrium of supply and demand.

    If below............then the law is just a protector of abuses.

    If above it..........it works as a shortage tool..........creating unemployment and high costs to firms.

  6. I don't think people will read the online version.If it's available on kindle and I could buy it for more people,I would.If they get it in book form,for free,I'm sure it would be read by most of the ten.

    'Why does this character care about me? Maybe there's something in it worth looking at!'
  7. Still copies available

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  8. Still a few copies to go.
  9. Still the same number of copies to go.Works better than Crosses or Garlic against Collectivism.
  10. (your) conclusion is very questionable in terms of causality. i haven't reviewed these particular studies but the fundamental concept of supply/demand shows that a price floor causes inefficiencies at least to the second order. structurally many affects cannot be measured.
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