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    have been trading Tempur Pedic International Inc (TPX) for a few months with no luck....

    and am thinking about buying one of there beds..i figure if i LOVE the bed then i should like the stock

    Seems to me like most people really love the beds.

    i would love to know what everyone thinks of the stock but i want to know what they think of the beds? are they really as great as most people say that they are?

    if so then the stock could be a good investment

    what do you think of this investment?

    good or not so?

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  3. gimp570


    its been rockin for 2 days now

  4. gimp570


    TTempur-pedic International Inc STOCK has earnings on Oct 11

    i have a bunch of stock and am in the proccess of buying a bed.

    maybe i should have bought the bed before the stock

    but it does seem like most people love the beds
  5. I fell in love with tempurpedic beds few years back. tried to negotiate, and couldn't break a dime. so I went with its competitor and bought a $2300 queen mattress for $1600. Still happy with my bed. that's all i gotta say about tempurpedics
  6. gimp570


    the other bed companies are getting beat up by discounting...

    with TPX they wont give ya any breaks
  7. ehorn


    Have one... Love it...

    Do not follow the stock.
  8. amomynous


    tempurpedic has been out of patent for years, and my local mattress company made me one at 1/3 the cost
  9. spd


    Same here. Paid full price, worth every penny.

    They put out a top notch product. Maybe I'll start following the stock.
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