Tempur Pedic BEDS>>> Good? BAD? TPX?

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    I have been trading Tempur Pedic International Inc (TPX) for a few months (have lost enough to buy 5 beds)

    and am thinking about buying one of there beds..i figure if i LOVE the bed then i should like the stock

    Seems to me like most people really love the beds.

    I am not asking for anyone's opinion on the stock but i want to know what they think of the beds? are they really as great as most people say that they are?

    if so then the stock could be a good investment

  2. Have had one for 6 years.


    I travel extensively. I am always ready to get back to MY bed.

    We had one start to sag in the middle after 7 months. They (Temper) asked us to put a broomstick across the sagging area and use a coin to show the sag. It took us 5 minutes to take the photo.

    In 2 days I got a call to set up a time for a crew to retrieve the old bed and deliver the new one. The new one has had no issues.

    I'll gladly give them a plug on demand.

  3. They are massively overpriced beds. Very comfortable without a doubt but you can shed a zero from the price if you remove the brand name and shop around.
    Walmart was selling them for a couple hundred bucks delivered when I bought one a couple of years ago.
  4. Tried one and hated it. Made me feel very hot.... smothered.

    My favorite is an air bed, though Aerobed is not a good choice. They are comfortable but not durable.

    Also, don't like "memory foam" nor "pillow top" topper...
  5. I don't know. I have always spend good money on the best beds and they were al shit canned after 4-6 years.

    This tempur is the second highest quality model and it compares in price to the Sealy's, Stearns and Foster's, and serta high ends I have always had.

    I like the tempur. I would shop around for price, they are not cheap....but neither is a Lexus or Benz.
  6. Tempur Pedic are great, but they're overpriced for what you get. You are better off with a latex core (6"+) and a viscoelastic layer over that. The latex/visco mattresses are as pricey, but a better night's sleep, IMO.

    Visco beds without a pillow-top get very warm. I bought the Serta latex/visco here a couple of years ago and it's great: http://www.us-mattress.com/serta-pure-response-lavish-cal-king.html
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    i also like how they advertise...they have a facebook account and let anyone post there opinions on what they think of there beds. You know that they must have a superior product for them to put them self out there like that

    i read a bunch of them most love there beds

  9. the new line of beds they just came out with called the "cloud bed" are great.
    i have one of the new tempur cloud supremes. love it. never slept better.


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    I tried one at a store once and had trouble getting off it. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand. Very odd feeling...but I guess some people really like it.
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