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    Appreciate advise on the below. Thanks.

    I used to clean up PC garbage using Microsoft Antispyware (tools section) and Ccleaner. Everything worked fine and my PC was running well. However, the new Microsoft Antispyware (now called Microsoft Defender) did not provide the 'cleaning tools'. Just cleaning my PC using CCleaner doesn't seem to be enough as my computer has started slowing down noticeably and I can now see things that the old Microsoft Antispyware use to delete. Defragmenting my computer and doing the 'chkdisk' doesn't help much either. I have also taken out Microsoft Defender as it slows down the PC to help alleviate the problem

    1) Is it safe to delete all my *.tmp files? Looking to improve my PC performance

    2) Is there any way in which I can install back Microsoft Antispyware (the old version)? Have been hunting around the internet but it doesn't seem to be available anymore

    3) Any methods to improve PC performance or reduce the PC garbage?

    4) As I've removed Microsoft Defender from my PC, now I only have 'Spyware Blaster' and 'Spybot Search and Destroy' (old version--don't dare to upgrade after what happen to Microsft Antispyware) to protect me against spyware. For virus protection, I'm using Norton Antivirus (which seems to also have some spyware protection). Are these enough for realtime protection?

    5) Anybody uses the new version of CCleaner? Is it okay? I'm still using the old version (don't dare to upgrade)

    Thanks a lot
  2. These days there is no reason to store important files on your hard drive. Keeping them separate allows you to restore/reimage your system if/when a problem arises. Once you get in the habit you no longer need to live in fear.:)
  3. I use Webroot's "Spy Sweeper" for discovering viruses, adware and other sneeky stuff. Webroot also has "Window Washer" which delets all the junk that Windows XP does not get rid of when I click, "tools-internet options-delete cookies-delete files-delete history." They co$t a bit of money but they are worth it.

    Tonight Spy Sweeper snaged a bit of spy ware that Microsoft downloaded to my computer today to track my internet habits. I use Norton's Internet Security to catch bugs but it doesn't seem to work as well.

    Run Spy Sweeper only when you need it - don't let it run in the background because it will eat up your CPU big time as it snoops around.

    -1bigsteve (o:
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    Thanks bearbelly and 1bigsteve.

    Can anybody tell me whether I can delete all my *.tmp files, please.

    Surely there must be someone here in Elitetrader that knows the answer and is willing to help. Gnome, mystical creature, IT expert, investing champion will you not lend a helping hand?

  5. I think you are safe deleting all temp files, unless you use futuresource like me and you charts disappear because the are IE based with java. Found that out the hard way.

    I like tune-up.com. 30 day free trial. good program. Never had a problem with it and charts, never. Did I say good program, not for spyware so much, but the best for registry cleaning. There you go.
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    Dandxg, thanks for your reply.

    1 question please for Dandxg or anyone,

    I'm currently using Thinkorswim and I think their charts are java based? This means I can't delete all my *.tmp files or maybe I can just choose not to delete the *.tmp files for java based (if so how do I distinguish they are java based files)? Thanks a lot
  7. I think you are fine deleting them. I just had problems, I believe, with futuresource because it uses cookies to save S/R lines because it is IE based. You should call them and ask. They are quite good from what I have heard.
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    Thanks :)