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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dpg2020, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. dpg2020


    Does anyone know anything about a site for trading S&P500 futures using the info. from a site called Temple's Safe Trading. Thanks.
  2. ddefina


    I spent a week in his live chatroom because I was so impressed with his long-term track record. His website basically updates every 30 seconds saying what he's doing, and a commentary on current market conditions, what he's thinking, etc. His primary calls you could follow, but his scalping you can't. He goes into different modes depending on conditions.

    My main problem with him is his future map based on Elliott waves, Gann, fibonacci, whatever the heck it was. He constantly redraws the future, and then trades based on what that future map says. To me that's hocus pocus, but others probably use it successfully. I believe he just has good street smarts and makes money despite the little road map he keeps redrawing. He talks about the guys in the pits taking it lower before higher, etc., so he seems to have a feel for the market. He trades 1 big contract (not the emini), and never does more. I believe this is so he can relate to the peasants in the room, and he makes a good living off the trading income even at 1 contract. Of course he probably has 1,000 members at a $100 a month so that can't hurt either :) If anyone can set me straight on Gann please do-- anything I don't understand I ridicule.

    If you could do as well as him, you'd be set for life.