Temp files vs. Temporary internet files!?

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  1. A few questions for someone with a clue (which is definitely not me):

    1.) Is there a "proper" way to delete Temp files like there is to delete temporary internet files. My Temp folder was up to like 300 megs and my hard disk was full. I literally just went into windows explorer, changed the temp file to unhide it and then started deleting files manually sending them to the recycle bin. Occasionally I would get messages like "unable to delete file sharing violation etc. Are there problems with this method?

    2.) I have deleted my temporary internet files using the "Tools/internet options" command in a IE5 browser window, yet this folder still shows over 150 megs of files/data in it when I check it in explorer. However when I look at it, the only files that appear to be in it are cookies which take up almost no space at all?! What is up with that?

    Generally, my issue is I simply need some hard disk space so that was my motivation for trying to clean up my drive. Thanks for any insights.
  2. Ok, time to bite the bullet. The Band-Aid cure is not going to make you happy or competent in anything other than how to clean out the trash TOTALLY!

    To clean out the garbage, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options. Then clean out both the cookies and the temp files there.

    The bottom line here sounds like a new (or additional) larger hard drive is needed. Stop sulking and pouting, get more hard space. :)
  3. Along those lines, I wonder why you're not running IE6. Which means you also maybe running 98. If that's the case, I would very much recommend upgrading to 2000 or XP Pro.

    Back to your original ?, you can always go into Search and type *.tmp. and delete all the files found.

    But IMHO, if you have 300 MEG of tmp files, your system could use a good cleaning out. Your registry may be loaded with old entries, your hd with old file fragments.

    So you may want to bite a different bullet and figure out what programs you really need on your computer and which you can live without. Then do a complete, clean reinstall of the OS and all progs including reformatting the entire hd. It is a pain in the butt & you need to back up your data files and have copies of all your old progs. But it's cheaper than buying a new machine.
  4. it is OK to have files which you are unable to delete, just unselect them and delete the rest

    it could be that IE loses track of itds temporary files (e.g. i the computer was not shut down correctly), just clean up the files in the directory
  5. Whiz


  6. Is it a 3 or 4 gig hard drive? :)
  7. What you had to come back from your first bit of sarcasm for another round? Kind of a boring thread to be wasting the energy don't you think?

    For the record I run on Win 2000 already and partitioned my hard drive and did not divide enough on my "storage" drive it seems. THanks for the ideas anyway.
  8. No digs intended. As you stated, you were running out of space. Since you didn't give much info on the setup, I assumed that it was a small drive. In a sense, it was in that you didn't allow enough for your storage. I apologize for any stress and I'll just quietly sit on the sidelines here. :)
  9. The implication that a larger drive reduces or eliminates the need to keep the temp folder clean is misleading. I don't care how big your drive is or how much free space you have: it's a good idea to clean out internet temp folder, temp folder, and don't forget about the deleted and sent items folder in outlook. Those last items can slow down a system like you wouldn't believe.