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  1. The latest incident of MCD (Mad Cow Disease) will not be any problem in the stock market, not even for a while. In other words, the MCD incident will be forgotten by traders very soon. What will be changed by MCD perhaps will be what American people eat. Patriotic Americans will eat more beef products in 2004 than they ever did. We will see more innovative beef products to meet the hiking demands. Domestic beef related stocks including restaurants are already at very attractive value without any weakness due to MCD.

    So as a short summary or memo (mark my words) in the day when the latest domestic MCD incident was discovered, let's buy MCD dip , if there is any. Do not forget to buy your favorite beef products as usual or even more. This is your duty as a patriot. Thank you.

    As for MCD wackos, take a hike and go sleepless with your MCD worries.

  2. LOL, what a joke! If someone sprinkled cyanid in many of the Apple pies in the US, would you feel it your patriotic duty to run out and go eat some? I think you might be overestimating the Patriotic sentiment of most Americans just a tad. Beef and all related stocks/products will be hit majorly hard tomorrow, end of story.
  3. Is it your imagination of many cyanided apple pies in America? Are you plannin' it to make it happen? Are you?

    Well, first of all, there is only one isolated cow in one herd is known so far. It is also presumable which I assume a British test will soon confirm it. But it is still one cow not many apple pies. Second, even more important, MCD is God's will. Britain got it when Ladden was still fighting Soviet Union. It is not man-made poison or deliberated human-mistaken to make pies using cyanided apple as you are imagining or perhaps plannin' for your shorts.

    Okay, whatever, hard hit or not, I am buying. Both stocks and beef products if dips.


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    MCD dropping like no toher.. Short at 23.81 :/

    cover at 23.50 fast 1 minute trade lol
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    Look what MCD did to the Canadian Beef industry is it less potent down here?
  6. i wouldn't eat beef if you paid me :-/
  7. You are only fooling yourself with a lot of ignorance if you think that ONE COW is not a big deal.

    For starters, the incubation period for MCD is about 4-5 years!

    Thus, there has been plenty of time for the "birth herd" of where this cow came from to have infected other animals. The USDA is gonna be working overtime on this one to figure out who came in contact with the herd, who left the herd, where did they go, etc.

    And by the way, it certainly is MAN-MADE POISON when blood plasma from MCD is "rendered" at feed processing plants into animal feed.

    Eat beef at your own risk, or atleast know the facts before spouting off a bunch of crap about something that you don't even have the slightest idea about!