Tell Why You Oppose The Re-election of Obama

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  1. Please give us your reasons. Be specific on issues of policy and executive decisions that you disagree with and what you would like to see done differently in the next four years. Cite laws promoted and enacted under Obama that you don't like or feel are ineffective or misguided, or offensive. Try to refrain from incendiary rhetoric that doesn't help promote an intelligent and persuasive point of view. Consider Executive-Legislative relations, and if you have an opinion on Judicial appointments, voice it. Think of the various cabinets and the programs their Secretaries have been pursuing and comment on them. Tell us whether you voted for Obama in 08 or not.

    Current Obama supporters, remain silent.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I voted for Obama in 2008. I did so with the hope he would sweep in and get rid of the banksters (to an extent, of course), reign in fraud on Wall Street, get rid of Bernanke and prosecute anyone who could be tied to the crash (of which there were a few).

    Instead, he put in Geithner, Summers, reappointed Bernanke, did not do anything to prosecute thieves like Corzine, allowed Dodd-Frank to pass (even cheered it), and continued the same ol' as Bush had done. He continued, and even exacerbated the issue with joke projects like Stimulus, and encouraging more wall street financing through projects like QE.
  3. 1. Not bringing one single person to justice for the economic collapse. Not one!
    2. Wasting two years on a health care plan that does nothing to address health care costs.
    3. Complete lack of focus on creating business initiatives for job programs.
    4. Playing politics with the energy program. Denying the start up of the pipeline work.
    5. Failure to provide the leadership required to get a budget passed thereby putting us at risk of a government induced recession.
    6. Continueing a wasted effort in Afganistan.

    To hit the high points. There are other things, mostly chicken shit stuff which are neither here nor there to me.
  4. BSAM


    Tell Why You Oppose The Re-election of Obama


    Obama believes it's okay to murder babies.

    Obama believes it's okay for a man to marry another man.

    Obama believes it's okay to confiscate more of your money because he doesn't understand that we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
  5. Arnie


    For me it was the Affordable Health Care Act.

    Any president that would sign a bill as far reaching as this one, that did not have a single vote from the opposition party. That tells me everything.

    Every single controversial bill in the past had bipartisan support. Civil rights; Social Security; Medicare/Medicaid. They all had at least some opposition support. This bill had none. The president should never have signed for that reason alone. He's not president of just those that elected him.

    For me, I have never in my life seen a president as partisan as Obama.
  6. All interesting points, and interesting point of view from Arnie on the ACA.
  7. Lucrum


    What they said AND his narcissistic demeanor. He's a liar, I know the Obama loons are OK being lied to but I'm not.
    After 3 1/2 years of on the job training he's still an unqualified empty suit.
    Add his recent executive order on illegal immigrants and his choice of a corrupt ineffective AG to the list as well.
  8. I supported him in 2008 as well. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first 2+ years of his presidency. He was very selective about what issues he would comment on and what he wouldn't. The final straw for me was when he made a point of commenting on the Trayvon Martin incident, without saying anything about the multiple daily shootings of blacks by blacks in his hometown city. This along with his pandering to the pop culture/Hollywood dumb dumbs and his goofy appearances on silly entertainment talk shows made me think he isn't a serious man. I want a serious person as president that is above going on entertainment talk shows (This is the first thing that irked me about Bill Clinton).

    So this year I really began looking into who Obama was. I found out about his relationship with Bill Ayers, his marxist political views while a college student and his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, a known communist with an FBI file. It is believed that Davis is the "Frank" in "Dreams of My Father". All of this has made me think that Obama would support a fundamental change of American into a totalitarian socialist welfare state. At worst he is a communist at best he is just a phony progressive.

    This country is headed down the wrong path. He has done nothing to change it. I want him and his handlers out of power. It may be too late to change the path, but I don't want this guy to have a chance to speed up America's descent.
  9. Eight


    Obama thinks that Public Sector jobs expand the economy. Anybody that dumb has got to be wrong about nearly everything else.
  10. 1) The individual mandate: Unconstitutional no matter how our CJ decides to dress it.

    2) Obamacare: I oppose federal entitlements in general, they are also unconstitutional. Signing a new one into law amidst the second worst recession in history is infuriating.

    3) Auto bailout: his admin bent over the debt holders of these companies, breaking bankruptcy law in favor of the unions. I don't believe this is acceptable to anyone, these are basic mob tactics. Also, again the fed govt has no authority to bailout private companies.

    4) Stimulus/QE: unauthorized, and bad economic policy imo.

    5) support of AG holder: disgrace to the office and country, a racist douche bag.

    6) Solyndra: and other 'green' companies subsidized by the taxpayer. These technologies aren't going to replace fossil fuels. There also isn't enough demand to even keep them afloat. again unauthorized by the Constitution.

    7) energy policy: bad in general. the moratorium because of the gulf spill, the keystone pipeline, 'weatherizing' peoples homes on the taxpayer dime. Although if he did actually support a new nuclear power plant, then I give him credit because all the electricity in the country should be provided by nuke plants.

    8) Treyvon Martin case: ridiculous for him to comment on especially without knowing the facts. Either pandering to the extreme or deep-seated resentment for whitey (half-whitey).

    9) 'temporary' amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants. He isn't the only one to do nothing about the border but it still isn't right or acceptable to me. Amnesty is bullshit.

    10) Gitmo & trials: The thought of holding the terrorist trials in NYC civilian courts and granting the illegal combatants rights they aren't entitled too, pisses me off. They may not be formal soldiers but they certainly aren't citizens they are just scum - military tribunals for them is a gift already.

    I guess those are my top reasons in just about that order, at least the top 4, I'm sure there is more if I think about it :D
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