Tell us how much u made from stock trading....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by a7med, May 19, 2007.

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    ppl please share with me how much u made by stock trading............

    What was your initial amount?
    How many stock did u buy with it?
    When did u do it?
    And what is your current account balance after trading stocks?
  2. I don't think many will respond to your question. Too personal.
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    ya but at least they can give a range.................or else i will think stock trading is useless to earn lot of money
  4. Last year over 100k.

    This year -25k
  5. Of course there is money to be made, but your questioning logic tells me you don't have a clue.

    Learn to think in terms of percentages and probabilities. Until you get to market moving numbers, that's what counts.

    You need 5 digits just to survive. 6 isn't bad. 7 is a good year.
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    uh uh uh..I wont like you, you cant be my friend. I wont believe you if you dont tell me!!! uh uh uh.
  7. ROTF Who gives a shit what you think.
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    exactly. dont trade then. u will be the loser
  9. It is useless unless YOU earn some money. What the rest of us od is meaningless to you and what you can do.

    Tiger Woods just won a tournament, means shi$ to me for own golfing skills.

    Too many people here looking for others to justify whether one can make money from trading or investing.

  10. The question is not how much u made, but how much u lost.

    Unfortunately, these "trading" websites are much like Cramer's Mad Money where success is constantly being reinforced where as failure is never mentioned. Cramer will tell us about how great he did with Mastercard, but his other bad picks are never mentioned ever again except maybe for that rare episode where he confesses his bad picks.

    You never see anyone come on a website like this and tell everyone they just lost their life savings or if they could have made more money last year by placing it all in a mutual fund. There are many mistruthful bastards who inhabit websites like this and the truth is never told.

    I can bet you anything that during May 2006 last year someone lost their shirt or during February 2007 there were quite a few shirts lost.

    In fact, I placed up a poll where over 50% of the respondents said that they could have made more money by simply throwing all their cash into the DIA. Those are not good odds and you should consider this when thinking how much money is truly made in "trading".
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