Tell the government to f-off. DO NOT BUY Chrysler or GM cars ever again!

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  1. I hope these fucking businesses re-enter bankruptcy within 6 months after they emerge. Buying a GM or Chrysler car is supporting communism. Do the right thing and buy anything else.

    I guess you can add Ford to the list, too.
  2. You can imagine what will happen to the engineering departments once dumbass bureacrats get involved. East German Trabants. Welcome to the obamanation that causes desolation all you suckers who support him will get.
  3. No official boycott is required ... the notion that a government ruled car company will succeed is, well, the epitome of liberal delusion.

    for you Simpson fans out there, and I suspect there are a few, remember that episode when Homer found his long lost brother, Unci Herb, who owns a car company and gave Homer a chance to design his own? This was a humorous episode, mainly because it didn't require years, and years, and years of tax-payer funded subsidies to Obama's Union Thug voter block, which or course, nationalization of the car industry will require.

    If the idiot-leftists are correct in their prediction that the GOP is all together dead, I don't want to think about what this country will look like in 10-20 years.

    But it's a forgone conclusion, the idiot-left will be voting to grant illegals amnesty in Obama's second term, purchasing, on your dime, 20-30 million democrat votes.
  4. Great post, you nailed it.

    I would buy a car from one of the terminated dealers now. Win-win, help them, help yourself. No friggin way I ever buy another GM or Chrysler after that however.
  5. Typical knee jerk emotional blather from people who buy lots of shit from Communist China, socialist European countries, and oil from the Islamic nations of Saudi Arabia, etc.
  6. You have a point, but perfect intellectual consistency is impossible. We have every right to say not here and not in our name. We will not support tax dollars going to pay off the UAW. We will not approve of the government taking over private companies and undermining the property rights of creditors.

    Anyway, as the previous poster said, the cars that will be produced by a government/UAW owned company will be so awful they will have to pay us to take them. They can't sell them now, with a minimally competent management. Wait until Obama fills the executive suite with out of work Chicago pols, ACORN thugs and gangsters.

  7. i may buy shit from them ... i certainly don't want to live there.

    what weak thinking ... the left holds up China as a shining example of successful governance.

    Mr. Gorbachev .... ReBuild That Wall!
  8. Oh it won't succeed. However, the government is going to funnel billions and billions of dollars to it while it dies a slow and painful death. Not buying GM cars will simply expedite the process. I first gave Obama a pass since he inherited a lot of problems, but he's making things so much worse. Not a chance in hell he'll be reelected in 2012. Blacks will be the first to turn on him once they see he is not the messiah. i.e. child support still has to be paid. weed is still illegal, etc...

    He is loving the job though.
  9. GM will become like the Postal Service. Constant losses and kept a float by Government 'Investment" for the sole purpose of of keeping the UAW campaign money flowing.

    GM will stay in business just to produce clown cars for Government employees and to give away to welfare recipients and of course to funnel money to Democrats.

    That's how Blago would have done it.
  10. Cesko


    I first gave Obama a pass since he inherited a lot of problems.

    No excuse, everything had been known about the scumbag long before election.

    No need to feel sorry for Americans though they will get what they asked for.
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