Tell Obama There's No Global Warming To Fight

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    The fools are still at it. Trying to separate you from your money in the name of junk science.

    Environment: Apparently President Obama will announce yet another set of policies next month aimed at mitigating global warming. But why? The enemy he promises to fight simply doesn't exist.

    News reports say that Obama will lay out his plans in July. The speculation is that his Environmental Protection Agency will issue, according to Bloomberg News, final rules that will "limit greenhouse-gas emissions from new power plants."

    Politico quotes "top White House climate aide Heather Zichal" outlining four areas that "don't require any new laws or any new technologies."

    It also reports that Zichal has said the administration will be "using the tools of the Clean Air Act to advance a broader climate agenda."

    Politico expects, as well, that Obama will pursue "improved energy efficiency for homes and businesses, more investments by the Interior Department and other agencies to invest in clean energy research and production, and a phase out of fossil fuel subsidies."

    It isn't clear if a rejection on the Keystone pipeline will be a part of the package, though the pipeline still seems to be the green lobby's biggest bogeyman.

    Whatever happens, though, is nothing more than political theater. It's about ensuring votes from the left, paying off support from that side and digging at the foundations of economic growth.

    And for what? There's no global warming dragon to slay. It has been as much a myth as any fire-breathing lizard from a children's book.

    A world that was supposed to be sick with a human-induced fever has gone 17 years and four months without any statistically significant warming.

    As noted skeptic Christopher Monckton wrote last week on the wattsupwiththat blog, "There has been no global warming statistically distinguishable from zero for getting on for two decades."

    We have also pointed out on these pages that ice-melt and sea-level-increase projections have been exaggerated; that the climate isn't as sensitive to carbon dioxide emissions as the alarmists have argued; and that sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic have been growing, not receding.

    So what is Obama going to fight, besides prosperity, industry, capitalism and Republicans?

    Actually, he sees those as his real enemies. Don't be fooled: global warming is merely a proxy for them.