Tell Me Why This Is Not The Best Way Out

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  1. Really, why not let it all crash and burn? Let debt be defaulted and mayhem ensue. Why keep piling up more debt to fix the problems with the current account? I have 3 young kids that don't want to be enslaved to our debt for the rest of their lives. Sure, there would be some years of hardship, but from the ashes we build a new system, a system that essentially starts out with no burden.
  2. This is a fair question. I wonder the same thing. Isn't the gov't just raising the house of cards? I don't know but it's going to be ugly either way.
  3. Correct.......PAPER, on top of PAPEr, on top of PAPer, on top of PAper, on top of Paper, on top of paper!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 1) The ashes could be nuclearly contaminated.
    2) The "new system" could be an Amish or caveman lifestyle.
  5. Well now....

    Just may happen anyway.....

    There is no way that the government can rectify or maintain previous house prices.....and the mountain of levered and useless dependent paper legal valuations on top of it....

    A few trillion $ is small....

    What is amazing is the initial conjuring of such nonsense....

    They they did....not caring about the future whatsoever....but only of making money for the moment....
  6. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, rid the federal reserve or your cuntry will be BUST!


    The globalists have lost control and they are finding their wealth transfer plan was far from perfect....the economic carnage continues.
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    Many top economists and traders agree with you.

    This bailout was designed to save Big Name American Banks. The Market Economy? Sorry, thats F*cked.

    Its a Moral Hazard problem.

    The Bankers own the FED and have Congress in their pocket.

    If Congress doesn't go along, they tank the Market and fear monger Depression.

    Until the American People wake up and realize what a Great Scam the Bankers have thrust upon them, we'll be at their mercy.
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