Tell me what you get for a profit.

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  1. I ask for input, as I think I have lost all math skills based on what my broker is telling me my profit is for an equity trade compared to my calulations.
    Bought 1000 $23.49
    Bought 1000 $23.39
    Bought 1000 $23.25
    Sold 50 $23.56
    Sold 2950 $23.40
    The question is not about the trades, it is about the calculation of profit, or loss, although broker and I both seem to agree there is a profit. Broker shows a larger profit(by $350) than I do. Don't worry about commissions, but if you want use basic IB of .005 per share.
    Again not asking about my trading skills, just double checking if I have lost my mind, which is very possible.
    Thanks, and as always I promise to laugh at any abuse thrown my way, and then hunt you down and throw an equal amount of fecal matter at you.:D
  2. ~ >3 pts a day, trading TF x 2 contracts
  3. Is that your answer? Do you mean 3 pts, or 3 ticks times 2 contracts, and do you actually know the difference?
  4. abbreviationsplural of ab·bre·vi·a·tion (Noun)
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  5. I guess it must be me, as I just am not following your train of thought. To me pts = points, and whatever the abbreviation for ticks, and I was trying to clarify if you were giving me a mildly cryptic answer. Again, I'm not looking for an arguement, just what others see as the profit. I've done cryptology before for others, but that just isn't what I was looking for today. Actually really not looking for an English lesson. My Dad was an English major as well as 2 other majors in 3 years, and where my teachers lacked, he corrected.
    How about something really simple for my question? Just looking for a comparison, not an English lesson, or whatever. I guess I I thought I might get a couple simple answers for comparison before I was crapped on, but I was wrong. Oh well.
  6. On average, I'm getting >3 points a day, trading 2 contracts on the TF. With a 2 trade limit per day.

    Yes, I know the difference between ticks and points.

    Try not to be so condescending next time.
  7. I have to admit I assumed your post was meant to be insulting, and I responded in like manner. I just simply was asking what the profit number added up for the trade presented, not what you make per day. I thought I was clear in my question, but I guess not.
  8. Your cash flow on this trade, including IB commissions (.005 per share with $1 ticket minimum) is:

    Bought 1000 = -23,490 - 5 = -23,495
    Bought 1000 = -23,390 - 5 = - 23,395
    Bought 1000 = -23,250 - 5 = - 23,255
    Sold 50 = +1178 - 1 = 1,177
    Sold 2950 = +69,030 - 14.75 = 69,015.25

    NET P/L = 47.25
  9. I will try to avoid tipping my hand, oh hell no I won't, thank you Hurricane. That is what I get, but the broker is showing quite a bit more. I have gotten no where asking about their numbers. Anyone else with a different number please post and let me know how you came up with it.
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    Sounds like your reading mark to market accounting
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