Tell Me to Pull The Trigger

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. I wanted to yesterday, but didn't.....:mad:
    So how about today?
    There ain't no way OXY is going to 95 this week, and I'm dyin' to write the July 95's............

    I know, I know......
  2. I wonder if you've ever considered using ET's Live Chat as an outlet for the digitization of your stream of consciousness?

    Just a thought :D

    Good luck! Load the boat writing those strikes :)
  3. If you're this unsure before putting the trade on, you'll be a wreck while you have it. Something is not right in your approach.
  4. Thanks everybody, I was just thinkin' out loud, sorry for the odd post. I guess I'm exposing my, ahem, trading style...
    I've watched OXY since 1980, and I'm not going to tell you how many shares I owned @ 20 years ago, ...ah, buy and hold, eh?

    Hey mo, 2 things, be careful, your next post will be your 666th..:eek:

    and here's; one more for ya, write it down....
    "They ain't no way MO's goin' to 75 this week".....of course, I've been wrong before.

    PS, thanx for the article, forex, excellent reading.:)
  5. :eek: indeed. Didn't notice. This one will take me to 667. And relax...

    [EDIT: Is it a coincidence that my 666th post was on the "Do you like people" thread? :D]
  6. MoMoney,

    Any live chat for option trading?
  7. Not unless you start your own room for the topic. It's difficult to reach critical mass. If you have a topic in mind, perhaps advertise it here with a time and date and maybe enough people will turn up to make it work! :)


  8. :D :D

    Man, I gotta start my own newsletter.......or seminars!!

    maybe I could team up with momoneythansens!! :p
  9. LMAO.

    OXY at 100.45 :eek:
    MO at 79.60 :eek:

    Nothing like experiencing expanding gamma first hand.

    Hope you didn't actually write those CALLs. At least you're safe on those GOOG PUTs I know you wrote :D
    #10     Jul 21, 2006