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    Maybe God was thinking: " I screwed up with the jetliner, I will save these sorry asses..."
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  2. Hmm-oldhams razor, i really needed something a BIT more catchy for the concept.

    Still, US pilots in the private jet, having passports pulled for investigative purposes.

    My theory of confrontational mooning coming to fruition?

    How did all that navigational/radar equipment fail-why was a jet with us pilots, flying at the wrong height for the direction they were travelling- and, what damage , at 37,000 feet, could an executive jet do to an airliner-that would cause one to crash, and not the other?

    Interesting questions, no?
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  3. As a new subscriber to the oldhams razor concept, it is clear to me that the mooning was so horrific that the jetliner pilot was overcome with the trauma and could not recover.

    According to my sources at the Pentagon, State Department, and local Safeway, the private jet pilot - the individual skilled in the little-known art of the deadly moon - is entertaining contract offers from the Mob and assorted intelligence agencies.

    I now find it conceivable that such a nefarious tactic was also used on 9/11, at least in Pennsylvania where that white corporate jet was seen circling the area....
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  4. Hey, i didnt imply, that 911 was the result of excessive butt exposure, (you wouldnt beleive what actually went down there) and you most CERTAINLY cant trust those guys at the state department, for sure.

    But regarding this highly suspect scenario, do these questions..........
    demand answers?
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  5. And that assertion is off mark.
    Whom , do you think TRAINS these individuals, in the art of appalling , outrageous, and deadly, personal affronting?
    Why else, would those pilots be so expendable, that the state department hasnt stepped in, and left them at the mercy of these south american commies?
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  6. Incorporating oldham's razor, allow me to postulate that one of the passengers aboard the airliner was perhaps ABOUT TO REVEAL THE SECRET OF THE DEADLY, PERSONAL AFFRONTING tactic, and had to be eliminated.

    Yes, training in this arcane art does take years and millions of dollars per asset, but protecting the methodology is paramount, and must be done so at all costs.

    Said pilots, skilled as they are, will undoubtedly soon escape from their present confines.
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  7. No, thats just silly.
    Why on earth, would they attempt such a thing-at 37,000 ft-where they would be at the mercy of other aircraft, missiles,
    very high flying geese, meteors and the like?
    Reveal such a thing, as nobody but inteligence agencies could already know about it-or, would ever find out?
    No, thats just silly.

    Especially, on the eve of an election...............
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  8. So now every random event is part of some greater conspiracy? Will the luancy ever end? This is similar to the religous goofballs that see Jesus or the Virgin Mary in a piece of fucking toast. Look hard enough and long enough into a crystal ball and you will start to see some strange shit. Start making your decisions based on those visions and you'll run into problems. This is exactly what has happened to our society.
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    Lost in space...
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  10. Lost in space?
    Any excuse, just to come up with seemingly unlikely conspiracy theories?
    I think not- there are some unusual questions the matter brings up.

    Of course, this time there is a black box...................................maybe.;_ylu=X3oDMTA3OTB1amhuBHNlYwNtdHM-

    From the link:
    "Preliminary investigations indicate that the pilots may have turned off the transponder, that they knew the risks they were running and nevertheless they took certain attitudes that endangered the lives of people," he said. '
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