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    ...or God, for that matter.

    On the very same day when 155 people died in Brazil because of an airplane crash, a helicopter also went down there. On the helicopter there was a Senator and a gubernatorial candidate. Nobody got hurt....
  2. Does anyone know who was on the private jet that landed safely?

    Not saying, there any conspiracy, just...........

    I know those lear-style jets are built like tanks, compared to airliners/anything else, but it doesnt sound quite right somehow.

    What on earth could it possibly have "clipped" that would bring down an airliner-and not it?
  3. So you wish the Senator and gubernatorial candidate had been killed as well? Is this really what you're saying?
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    Maybe you should report him to the FBI, Hapaboy????

  5. Oh, stay on topic, please, which is the bubbling conspiracy theory the chartered jet was a cia drug observation drone, conducting a routine fly over of their suppliers (whoops, i mean dem commie south americans)

    On hearing of this unethical use of airspace, the liner pilot radioed an obscene message to the jet,
    which naturally responded by flying close enough to moon the liner pilot, resulting in an unfortunate accident.
    Its just speculation at this point, but stay tuned.
  6. Well, since according to you I have a direct link to the Oval Office and they are waiting for me to convince other ETers of the evils of Iran prior to launching an attack....perhaps I'll pick up the Blue phone (direct line to the FBI Director, ya know) and do so. :D
  7. "Speculation"? The events as you have described them sound like what moonbats refer to as indisputable evidence.
  8. Speculation, no, just occam's razor at work.

    Its almost dumb enough, that it becomes more likely something very much like that is what occured.

    Actually , i have modified occams razor, i beleive the premise is flawed-most obvious, most likely scenario, does not allow for the truly blundering stupidity on evidence everyday, nor the lousy corruption,
    and spineless capitulation away from facts one is likely to encounter on an everyday basis-particularly if you know how the journalism game works.

    THis new paradigm, is called
    OLD-HAMS razor, because it factors in relevant crap journo's come up with, has the toxicity to recognise the stench of blatant mistruths from either side of a theorum,

    looks at the normal distrobution of mistruthful bollocks, within a larger soup of various rot, based on both known facts and a larger broth of somewhat suspicious "coincedences"

    to arrive at a conclusion.

    A conclusion, (because this analysis takes some time-and because ham is good) known as the OLDHAM reality.

    Thats right-the OLDHAM scenario, not the most likely, but the most realistic extrapolation of events, given human frailties, and the fact that occams razor FAILS from the assumption people are even marginally competent in their feild, to actually take advantage of that fact.

    OLDHAMS razor-forget occams razor, he didnt know crap,

    Oldhams razor , is the real deal in purist thought process's.

    Ohhhhhh-yeah. Is this groundbreaking, or, am i drunk again?Or still?

    (dont answer that, smartass-oldhams razor, im tellin ya)
  9. :)
  10. Old-hams razor, im tellin ya...........:p
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