Tell this really the hardest trading environment you have ever encountered???

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  1. Everyday when I am out, I hear people with an utter distaste of the market stating this is the hardest trading environment they have ever encountered. These are usually the truely young bucks in their 20s and I pinch myself to hold back from laughing in their faces.

    I have posted the below picture many times on this website. The simple truth is that trading Nasdaq-100 stocks during the last crash was *the hardest* environment that ever existed. The picture clearly demonstrates how in most ways it was every bit like the Great Depression era stock market.

    The truth is that this is exactly the same market as the Nasdaq-100 stocks of the past except this time around its with the big boys like GE and AIG versus Broadvision and Superconducting technologies.

    Look me in the eye and say with a serious face that this is the toughest market you have ever traded....

  2. I think you answered your own question here. If the people saying this is the hardest market they have ever traded are in their 20's...they are probably correct. Most "young bucks" were in jr high and high school in the 90's -- not trading shitty markets.

    So yes, this probably is the hardest market they have ever traded.
  3. :eek: :confused: :eek:

    From June till December it was by far the easiest most beautiful incredible pefect market enviroment or trading ever!!! :):D :cool: :p

    Anyone who found it hard to make loads n loads of money for those 6months is just a fool and needs to learn how to trade. :cool:

    The market is starting to get quite crap now, as we now get just 1/16 of the daily volatility that we used to get,
    but so theres still easy money to be made by just making 1 trade every 2/3days, isntead of every few minutes/hours.
  4. In another word, now is the time to show your true color. Save yourself these useless big words and show us what you got!
  5. spanish89 trades crude oil from a bucket shop and normally has enough money (if he is lucky) to pay his next month's bills.
  6. Aloha brock, sorry to see your so bitter about losing all your money because of the credit crunch and reccession,
    instead of making 1000s% profit from it liek lots of the smarter people did! :D :cool: :p

    But yes i did start with jusr £759 capital, and make £30,000 profit form it in just 5months all thanks for the market crash 1stly,
    and then the volatility that came as a result.

    I lost 5k this year now the market movement and enviroment changed since january, but amd back on form now ive changed my trading style... :)

    sorry that your struggling so much though brock, we all pity you
  7. You just need to be a little more humble that is all. The market will find a way to make you learn that lesson until you do I can promise you that. I am doing fine and glad you are as well... check your ego at the door though it will make you a much better trader in the long run.

    P.S. Oh and hope you have been hedging your GBP... you may not be making as much as you think you are
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    Spanish, how much money did you begin with and how much did you make?
  9. Wow all praise to you.

  10. I started with £759, and made just under £30,000 profit.
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