Tell me how much you enjoy Trading

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  1. Do you feel like your sitting on a boiling pot of water, when it comes to your trading and anticipated success?

    Traders, Can you post your excitement with words here in this thread?

    Can you display your passion for Trading?

    When you start your trading session, do you feel that pleasure and confidence? Do you look forward to your session? Do you feel that general all around well being?

    This is not a zen thing ok?... nope this is not drugs a natural high. and no, no its not gambling fever either....This is doing what you enjoy to do well...

    Meeting the challenge and starting your day with the attitude...well what do we have today? what are you telling me?

    Michael B.
  2. when trading and the profit targets are getting filled it is like -----

    "He steps back, looks, throws it up --- long --- and he has a receiver --- deep --- wow the catch --- the 20, the 10, the 5, TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!"

    this is how trading feels to me --- just a big game and i am glad it is that way so i never take it to seriously.
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    I dont personally follow markets from open to close (school takes up the trading day). But research on trading models is something I love to do. The thrill of your work being proven right is incredible. Many people think that trading based on models is boring. Well in the words of Larry Hite: "I play to win". Honestly, I get kind of bored during periods where I am winning as I usually dont have anything nagging me to research and push myself further. But on average I do some research on models at least for three hours a week. Its great fun to find out your theories can actually make money. This game is wonderful!
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    I like trading. But, I'd rather be married to Pamela Anderson and just spend her money. Hope you understand.:cool:
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    I hate weekends.
  6. This is a feel good thread. I know its corny, but I actually thank the Lord Jesus Christ often. I know I am following his will and the knowledge of this and doing it well...just causes this overflo into ET..The joy!

    Michael B.
  7. I love it... it's only second to sex...
  8. How can you possibly get bored when you are "winning"? You may be experiencing success but I guarentee you could do a lot better than you are....we all could.

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    When I am winning I always tend not to fiddle with the models in fear that it will cause harm to the results in which case I will always blame myself. I know that everything can be improved which is why on any given week I will probably spend quite a few hours on development and research. Its just how I like to approach things.
  10. Trading is the best, you get to challenge yourself each and every day and the only way to survive and excel is the be constantly evolving and adapting. Your earnings ceiling is as high or low as you make it.

    I cant imagine how the majority of people must feel when their alarms go off on Monday mornings knowing they have 5 days of the grind ahead of them. You'll never hear a successful passionate trader complaining about starting a new trading day.
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