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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by abishiai, May 25, 2005.

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    I have only been trading the Dax for a few months now and I have been nothing short of disappointed. After watching the Dow become infiltrated with computerized trading I thought the Dax would be my new money maker....I was wrong. Just as many have already stated, almost every move is frustrated with mini-pullbacks and rarely are the highs and lows ever exploded through anymore. I am a market scalper getting in and out very quickly. This being the case...are there any markets out there that trade like the Dax used to or how the Dow used to? I am just looking for direction...not pretending to know the answers.
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    Why is the dax so strong? There was a bank takeover, Siemens sold off their handsets, election in September but no sign of political uncertainty. Maybe the market likes the thought of a CDU win?
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    Check out the Hang Seng, good luck getting connectivity.

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    Dax is rallying on euro weakness. Exporters making larger profits.
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  6. Dax is overacting and is due to pull back. I do not thing weakness in euro is causing dax to strong.

    "Indicator scoreboard
    Germany - April real seasonally adjusted manufacturing orders sank 2.9 percent and were 0.7 percent below the level of a year ago. The monthly drop more than offset March's 2.1 percent increase. Domestic orders were down 0.6 percent and foreign orders plummeted 5.2 percent. Domestic capital goods orders were down 0.5 percent but foreign capital goods order plunged 7.8 percent. Domestic consumer goods orders were up 0.2 percent while foreign orders jumped by 2.2 percent".
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    -45 what happened?
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  9. Did you not know that crude numbers were coming out? The sell off started a bit earlier than that though, but I think it is driven by crude.
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    Wasn't watching for them. I trade the options so thougt it interesting how market stopped for the last through days near the 4600 strike. Dollar was weaker as well for the first day in six.
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