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  1. Someone please give me brief answers to the following questions:

    What is the current market volitility like on the DAX futures? (How many points does it ususally move in a day / hour / minute?

    Is the current level typical or slow / high?

    Thanks. I've been searching web pages and haven't found the info.


  2. I have been trading it for a while. In general terms, I feel that the FDAX has lost its luster. I have watched the ES, ZN, ZB, FGBL and other more liquid (and supposedly slower moving contracts) move with better momentum, consistency and velocity than the FDAX. I'm not sure why this is happening, but it is and it has been difficult scalping it. There is still money to be made in there, it just requires more patience and skill. Typically, the FDAX would move 3 ticks to every ES tick. I would say they are now 1 to 1 or less. A typical day a year ago would provide about 60 pts of range. Currently, the range is typically around 25 pts or so once the opening range is complete. I have cut my trading frequency dramatically in there and find that there are only a few select moves per day to hit.

    Let me know what specifically you are looking for and I will try to answer.
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    I am confused. the intraday range is approximately 40pts from April of 04 and you are saying this is not sufficient to scalp? From February 05 the intraday is 38pts. I am not sure how it has lost its luster or where you are getting this range. To me it sounds like you are only trading during the American Markets and this would approximate half of the 40 pt range. It has been slow during the open recently. Many have suggested that summer slows down the market for europe because many of them have extended vacations unlike the americans? I agree that a lack of consistency appears to be the Modus Operandi for the Dax. In addition, there is a lot of back filling etc...Sounds like you are just adapting to the market as stated. The other day it sold off straight from the open about 30 pts, that was nice:D :D From here the Dax seems to be ranging for the Holiday Weekend. I think it will GAP DOWN tonight, definately test 4380.00 Good Luck Futures Trader71

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    Youve got to be kidding me, what do you want us to trade it for you too? Please trade tonight so i can take your money.

    I dont mean to be mean, yes I do, but if you dont know this dont you think it's a sign?

    Friend if you are gonna trade based on what people tell you on this chat site then I am afraid you career will be short lived.

    You need to do your homework not copy everyone else's How else can you ever be best if you only know what people tell you?


  6. I appreciate your concern. Don't worry, you're not going to end up with any of my cash. :D

    I'm thankful for the info--it's pretty much what I'm looking for. When I get more serious about the DAX I'll add to my data feed and really get into it.

    Trade well!

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    See that I dont. I would feel awful about that.

  8. You are probably right about the range and I do only trade US hours. I haven't looked at ranges for a while and am only quoting from DOM experience. The answer depends a lot on the style of trading. The FDAX has not been very good for scalping lately. It might have a 50 pt range on any given day, but the move happens with 80% retracements on every push and is bogged down by fake size, etc. This was not its nature. It used to be when you fade a DAX move, you will get killed. Now, fading is really a low risk alternative to making money. When was the last time we took a high out and it popped 6 or so pts without looking back? Just like everything else in the markets, it is evolving and that is just part of the process. Until I figure out its new nature, I'm trading small and not as often. The range or ATR only tell 20% of the story for a scalper, so I'm sure a swing trader looking for better liquidity is having a party in there.

    Best wishes.
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    Oh yeah I have to definately concur with your analysis. If memory serves correct didnt this start happening when EUREX changed the quoting refresh rate....Hmmmm.
    I especially remember this because fading the trend would rip your balls off. Good Luck FuturesTrader71

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