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  1. Seems like an ideal retirement/second home location. I never hear too much about it, though. Anyone there and how do you like it?
  2. I was there for a few months and what immediately comes to my mind as an affordable solution to your needs is Mount Pleasant. It's a nice place; fifteen minutes from the ocean, and fifteen minutes from downtown Charlestown; and you're also close to restaurants and shopping centers.

    Then, if you have a lot of money, there is Sullivan Island where homes are on the beach but can't be insured against hurricanes; and Daniel Island, which is not by the ocean but absolutely gorgeous.
  3. many northerners in mount pleasant, particularly moving down from the midwest.

    I thought it was a manageable city. Downtown underwent a bit of a rennaisance in the last 15 years or so.

    Not so sure about the taxation situation however on state tax.


    I've been down in SC for 7 years living at Hilton Head and also in Mt. Pleasant.

    Mt. Pleasant is having some growth pains, too much residential building going on IMO. Traffic is getting worse. It's that way anywhere near the ocean these days down here. Baby boomers building second homes or moving here permanently. Housing prices have skyrocketed with some slowing just recently, mainly in longer "days on market". 30-40% appreciation in home prices the past few years was not uncommon.

    Given some of the problems with congestion, I'm still less that 10 minutes from the ocean and maybe 10 minutes to downtown Charleston where there are some great restaurants. Downtown is safe, you can walk around at night and not worry much as you might in larger cities I've lived in in the Midwest.

    And the traffic doesn't bother me like many people commuting each day since I trade from home. After trading at an office in the mid 90's for 2 years I've been remote the last 7 years.
  5. A friend of mine knows Charleston a bit and he says that it's one of his favorite cities in this country, after perhaps SF. Much underrrated.
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    Charleston is all the things mentioned above. I have moved here from New Jersey Bergen county and love it . However the only problem I have is finding a place to trade. I currently trade with HLV, Benchmarq, and Cyber. I am looking to open a office sapce for traders to come and work doesnt matter what broker you use, just trying to get like minded people together. let me know if you are out there.
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    I have only visited a few times and it is a great town... lots of history and great places to eat. On top of that, there is a pretty big automated trading shop down there... there always seem to be looking for some hardcore geeks to teach trading to... good salary too... 150k, if I remember right.
  8. That you don't hear much about it should make it a desirable place....I have been there only once and that was like 30 years ago but it is a place that has always stayed in my mind as a very pleasant place....

    If you're thinking of moving, I would for sure check it out....
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    I was stationed in Charleston for 3 years. I loved the place. I will never get my wife to move away from Texas again but if we do it will be for South Carolina. By the way I left Charleston to get stationed in the DC area. BIG change.

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    Chapper, could you be more specific? You can PM me.

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