Tell me about AIQ with MyTrack

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ssuits, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. ssuits


    Has anyone used AIQ with MyTrack feed or suggestions on what you use that is great
    Please tell me price and what they do i
    I am looking also for great charting.. Is there a system that does it all?
    I dont want Free.. I know it cost to get good service
  2. I use AIQ with eSignal. I feel its charting is just OK. However, as a market scanner I think it is great. It gives you the ability to scan the market (as you define it). For example, I have a report that list stocks where there is a divergence in Money Flow and Price. Another report that lists stocks that closed outside the upper bollinger band and then closed inside the bollinger band with decreasing Money Flow. You can scan the market on just about any technical indicator you can think of, including designing your own. The system comes with about 100 reports already developed. To develop your own reports the report writer is very easy to use. You do not have to be a programmer. All you need is an understanding of basic algebra.
  3. stevet


    AIQ has got to be the most useless software ever with the poorest most inept support
  4. nkhoi


    AIQ is a average system in every dept. the data feed arragerment is cubersome, grapth look blocky, rather than go into detail I offer this exhibit a.

    perf record of David Vomund, AIQ's Chief Analyst and editor of AIQ’s Opening Bell newsletter. David is also co-founder of
    Legarza Vomund Investment Management, LLC
    and President of the VISalert newsletter, ranked one of the top market timers by Timers Digest.