Television sets and Jewlery

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  1. Here are two seasonal trades that I have found.

    Television sets- BRLC


    Jewels- NILE.

    The trades self-explanatory. You pick up shares during the summer and then you sell them right around now until Christmas. Conversely, you can consider short positions right around now until the summer. The logic is that these stocks tend to be in vogue around Christmas time and then people forget about them over the summer. Simple trade. I will now follow up with the charts.

    I hope that BRLC doesnt violate any forum rules. It is over 5 bucks (currently).
  2. and Nile.
  3. ebay - seasonal buy in june, sell in jan
  4. And your sample size is one, you need to do a lot more research to take that trade. Cerainly more data points, a confirmation indicator also works well. Very rarely do I take a seasonal trade just because it looks good on paper.

    I do like your thesis though!
  5. OK, here's my seasonal play:

    FPL. Buy in June-Aug before hurricane season, and sell in Dec-Jan.

    Just hope the big one doesn't hit Florida!

    Might be better to do as a call or bull spread to define your risk, as a stop loss might not protect you if a cat 5 hits miami beach or fort lauderdale.
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