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  1. I've never seen anyone get this upset over a telemarketer before.

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  2. Good for her. She showed the telemarketer who's boss. In my experience, many telemarketers are overly aggressive and simply refuse to quit when you've indicated that you're not interested. We need more of people like her to scare off telemarketers. :D
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    Well, shoot, there is the don't call list for one thing.. for another, it's better to tell the telemarketer to hold on while you go find your credit card and just lay the phone down... it will auto disconnect when they finally hang ties them up for awhile and they call a few less people that way...

    Just my thinking on the subject...
  4. You notice she talked to this guy for 8 minutes! Its like she didnt know she was allowed to hang up on this guy! What...was she afraid that if she hung up, that would be "rude"? If i was the telemarketer and it had got to the point where she was swearing and raving like that, i would've turned it into the same game he did. See how long she would talk before she hung up. :)
  5. Whether it was intentional or not, I think it was brilliant how she turned the tables on the telemarketer. Most telemarketers stick to a pre-scripted routine and don't know what to do if they have to improvise on the spot. This telemarketer gets flustered and hangs up at the end when he realizes it is a prank:
  6. Wonder how one of those super salesmen who believes he can sell anybody anything would handle her?

    "The coffee is only for closers"
    "This watch cost more than your car"