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    I'll third the do not call list. I signed up for the Texas version a couple of years ago, and despite loopholes big enough to drive a truck through, the number of calls went to nearly zero. I added the fed list on for good measure and can't remember the last telemarketer call I got. I have noticed that we have started getting a few "consumer product surveys", though, maybe a couple a month.
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  2. Looks like a glorified "telezapper"...

    which I got telezapper {40 bucks) thinking it was this high-tech dee vice..hahhaa ..

    a call comes in and it goes something like "bee boop bop" .. emits the first three tones of disconnected phone .. YOU CAN HEAR IT! so can everyone who calls you.. friends, relatives, girlfriend.. they go "what's that!?" lol what a rip off. i hear telemarkets laughing on other end! :p
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    InTeleScreener blocks calls based on caller id info. It can be set to block by number or name. In the case of anonymous calls, it can be set to block "Unknown number", "Out of Area", or "Private caller".

    Call blocking functions can be enabled or disabled for each of those, or any number or name that you choose.

    So to answer your question, does not distinguish between recorded callers and live callers.

    But there is considerable flexibility in customizing what to block and what to allow. No call is blocked unless you specifically set it to be blocked by name or number (or have anonymous calls set to be blocked). So if you know the name or number of a specific live caller that you want to always allow (even a telemarketer!) you can do that.

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    InTeleScreener is seamless; no beeps, boops, or whatever. If you get an allowable call (not on the block list) nothing happens; the phone just rings normally.

    (Actually, you never hear the first ring, as it takes one ring for the caller id info to come through).

    Yes, there are a lot of "dumb" call blockers on the market (like TeleZapper), and that's one reason I posted this recommendation. InTeleScreener is a lot "smarter" than most of the others.

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