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    This isn't related to trading hardware, but for anyone who works or lives near a might want to take a look.

    I just bought one recently after getting tired of paying the phone company extortion fees for Privacy Manager...and STILL getting sales calls. This $79.95 box replaces all of that and more. You can even block entire area codes if you want (like the state of Florida)!

    Great product, very solid construction, well engineered. Buy one of these, and you're done.

    (And no...I don't work for them).



    I will still check out the tool. I'd like to block out more than telemarketers.

    The above link may have slipped through the cracks, but it's worth the reminder and it's free.

    After registering the phone number(s) not one telemarketer call, except:

    - non-profit organizations: American Cancer Society, Patrolmen's Benevolent Assoc, American Red Cross, etc...

    - solicitations from companies in which you already have accounts (AMEX, MC, VISA, Discover, etc.)

    All you need is phone number and email address. Upon submission of email confirm the number is added within 72 hours.

    I do miss getting calls at dinner :mad:
  3. It's a great idea - unfortunately if you have several phone extensions it won't quite work as expected. The extension with the blocker won't ring but all the other phones will (at least until the blocker answers and then disconnects the call).

    Also, since there's no way to force the call to your voicemail (unless you have the blocker let the call ring - while it doesn't ring through to the one phone its connected to), if you want calls like "out of area" or "private" to go to voicemail for screening your other phones would all be ringing.

    Unless you know of some other way, only thing I can think a person could do is to use multiple extension cordless phones only (no standard walljack type phones) with the base station connected to the phone through the BlockACall.

    SBC's privacy manager service has worked pretty well, but it would be really nice if they incorporated some of the customizable features that the BlockACall claims to do.
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    Has donotcall officially gone into effect? Last I heard, they were still deciding whether it was constitutional. After that I didn't hear anything about it.
  5. I don't get too many of these calls anymore. And to be honest sometimes I miss them. I miss asking them to ''hold on a second, I'm on the toilet'' seeing how long they will wait.
    I miss pretending I can't hear them..or seeing how many ridiculous questions I can get them to answer.:D
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    That's what I do. And if you're looking for an expandable cordless, check out the Uniden DCT 648-2.

    It's expandable up to 4 handsets. Great range and clarity. Allows 3 people to talk to an outside call at once (2 handsets plus base speakerphone), so calls to grandma are covered.

    (And no...I don't work for Uniden either).




    It has gone into effect. I guess the telemarketing lobbyists were unsuccessful in their effort to get it turned over.

    I registered myself along with other family members, not one phone call. Give it a try. Good luck!
  8. I have to second RAMOUTOR experience with the DO NOT CALL list, after putting boith my home lines AND my g/f and mine CELL phone #'s ( I think you have a maximun of 4 phone number) the unwanted scumy Tele-marketing calls ahve DECREASED significantly. One of the few govt idea's that has actually worked AND it was free too....amazing.

    rttrader1 -
  9. I think the effect is nationwide, as telemarketers need to re-organize and re-shape their business. I think that there are just less players and less calls made. But the list helped to change their industry in a drastic way, and I am thankful for that.

    I would be curious to hear from the non-list people if they have noticed the same dramatic decrease in sales calls? I suspect they received a benefit too. Kinda' like the non-union members getting the benefits that union members "fought for" scenario.....

    Michael B.

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    Hi, saxon

    As you know, almost all telemarketer's messages are recorded. Can BlockACall make distinction between such recorded messages and regular calls?
    I'd like to block only recorded messages.
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