Telecom Set Up for Trading

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  1. This thread is intended to discuss the best telecom set up for an individual trader/small group of traders.

    This may include some combination of land line(s), mobile line(s), VoIP, etc.

    Price and performance are a consideration. Functionality during emergency events such as power or internet outages should also be taken into consideration.
  2. I am currently 1 deep, mobile only.

    This has worked quite well, but is vulnerable to a 9/11 type event and potentially to large scale power outages where mobile towers would be knocked out as well.

    Biggest problems encountered during months where I have to get familiar with half the technical staff of a trading related organization - again! June has been terrible as I have has significant technical problems with my brokers, internet access, and charting service. Consequently I blew over my minutes by a mile and am not happy.

    Any thoughts on a better combination without increasing my costs substantially as I think people spend a lot on their overall information systems packages already (Telecom, internet, financial data systems, etc.). I have not researched VoIP quality/reliability yet. I would prefer not to get a land line, but maybe I should - then I can stay on hold for all my technical staff friends... Also, my understanding is that a land line with an old school telephone that gets its power from the telephone line is probably the most effective safegaurd during emergency times such as a power outage.

    So leaning to adding a land line and reducing the the number of minutes on my mobile plan at this time.
  3. As far as Power outages, I use a gasoline powered Generator by Yamaha (cost me $450.00). Also have a battery back up UPS power supply between the Computer and the power(Comp USA has a big assortment).

    As Far as Internet Outages use DSL and Cable and/or T1 lines ($100.00/mo. plus T1)

    Have a Cell phone to be able to contact your broker if the phones go out (Have the day and night numbers on the wall and check them periodically).

    Have a Laptop with essentials on it.

    Install your platforms and charts ....etc on all your computers.

    In a large scale operation..magnify this, but you get the idea.

    Michael B.

    P.S. There is a fellow here named Futurestrader that can help you.
  4. Thanks for the advice ElectricSavant.

    Also, I am an active trader with a high degree of hesitancy to participate in the market without electronic dealing systems/charts up and running. So if the power did go out I would manage/close out positions versus trying to continue to trade.

    On an additional telephone, the difference I see between VoIP and a landline is that VoIP looks $15.00/month cheaper - but has quality and internet connectivity risk. This amount s/ not even be light speed blinked at, but just curious if many traders out there are using VoIP with no problems...