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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Rong, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Rong


    I was wondering if anyone is using Telechart 2007. If so does it have backtesting on it. What do you think of it or is there any others that someone could recommend
  2. bluedemon77

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    I renewed my Gold account temporarily to check it out because they hyped it so much I had to take a look. Looks interesting, but no backtesting and you can't use their snap sheets with real time intraday data, so I'll be calling them to get my refund tomorrow. I'll take another look when they add backtesting and intraday capabilities. Otherwise I'd still need eSignal anyway and I don't want to pay double for data.

  3. fts


    You will need to sign up for their Platinum membership 4 that...
  4. The Snap Sheets add-on doesn't work on intraday data, regardless of subscription level.
  5. i use the cheapy one to look for set ups and it is fantastic... 29$ or something like that...

    i stopped using esignal simply becasue it is arrogant lol... charge you for stuff you can get free on the internet...think my package was up to 300$ a month when i quit and it still didnt really scratch my itch....
  6. ok - i ain' no expert right? But for the last ten weeks I have not been trading much, but instead trialing and testing every godammed piece of software I can get my hands on...

    my two cents on TC200x are these: Amibroker does it all cheaper and better and in fact does way more... any person thinking of paying for any level of TC200x should give AmiBroker a go first...

    that being said I did not find AmiBroker suitable for my r/t requirements so don't think I am pushing it - just saying any person using TC200x for "setups" and the like is wasting good cash compared to what you could do with AmiBroker...
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    AmiBroker's basic charting is way, way better than TC2007 or eSignal basic charting. I use AmiBroker with eSignal and the only reason I was thinking about TC2007 was their snapsheets, which looks a little easier to program in than AB's language. Snapsheets are worthless to me without backtesting with intraday data, though. They say on the web site that may be coming and I'll take another look at that point. Just got my refund with no hassle. I'll say this much for Worthen--they seem like a class act.

  8. tuttle1


    Has anybody tried DynamicTrend and if so what are your thoughts/advice?

    Is itworth the money?