Tel Aviv stock market reaches historic high

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    UP 900% in 15 years, up over 8% in 2007 already.

    Tel Aviv stock market reaches historic high

    February 15, 2007

    ON A HIGH: The Tel Aviv stock market, fueled by strong economic growth and low-level interest rates, reached an historic 1001.68 points Wednesday.

    JERUSALEM -- The Tel Aviv stock market, fueled by strong economic growth and low-level interest rates, has smashed through the psychological threshold of 1,000 points for the first time in history.

    The TA-100 indice, which groups the exchange's top 100 listed companies, Wednesday peaked at 1,001.68 points, a growth of 8.68 percent so far this year.

    Since being established 15 years ago, the indice has grown 900 percent.

    The blue-chip indice TA-25 was not far behind, closing at 992.48 points, and plotting a growth of 7.1 percent in 2007.

    Analysts attribute the boom to the strong performance of the Israeli economy. Gross domestic product growth is on track to reach 5 percent in 2007, according to estimates of the Bank of Israel.

    International ratings company Standard & Poor's Wednesday raised its credit rating for Israel from "stable" to "positive."

    Kobi Navon from Clal Finance, a leading investment brokers, denied the growth on the stock market was a "speculative bubble."

    "The economy is in a very good shape, companies are posting very positive results, and inflation is totally under control," he said.

    Shlomo Maoz, from rival brokerage firm Excellence Nessuah, said continued low interest rates favor company investments, and encourage people to switch from low-return shekel savings accounts to stocks and property investments.
  2. That's a lot of Shekels...
  3. Glad to see it. Can we now stop sending billions in aid over there every year?
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    Mazal' tov
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    That's probably why Buffett put some money to work there.

  6. haha you know the answer to that
  7. =====================
    I am glad to see it also;
    in theory what you suggest is possible.

    S&P raised its Israeli ratings to ''positive'' And if Israeli authorities & IDF want us to take some off the table, that is another question.

    And like Paul said ''always protects, always peseveres'';
    in other words, keep sending billions, because winners never quit,
    quitters never win
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    Why should Israel stop taking money....its what they do.