Teen stabs dad over request to pull up pants

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  1. Teen stabs dad over request to pull up pants

    Published 2:30 PM EDT Mar 22, 2013

    NEW ALBANY, Ind. —A New Albany teen is in jail, accused of stabbing his father after he told his son to pull his pants up.

    Police said Burns stabbed his father in the chest with a knife during an argument at their home earlier this week.

    His father is expected to be OK.

    Burns is being held on a $75,000 bond.

  2. That teen can now learn the "origin" of wearing one's pants "down low". :D :p :cool: :)
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    Saw one this weekend about a Japanese teen, 19 yo, who stabbed and dismembered his mom because he "really didn't care for her much, and wanted to learn about dissection".
  4. Perhaps serves the father right. He should have exercised parental guidance and beat some respect into the kid when he had the chance.

    (I'm not one for coddling the young... it's good for kids to be taught respect.... otherwise, they grow up to be punks. "Spare the rod and spoil the child", and "Beat your kids twice a day. Even if you don't know why, they do"... kind of thing.)
  5. At least he was looking to further his education. Those Orientals, study, study, study.:eek:
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    Ok, the other kid was just practicing his assertiveness skills. :eek:
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    Who would have guessed that taking the father's authority over the wife & kidz away would result in random acts of violence?

    The man is the head of the wife, just as God is the head of the man. The children shall not curse their parents.

    This degenerate society has turned the chain completely around. The children rule the mother, who rules the "man" of the house.

  8. It's not a bad thing for kids to grow up with the notion, "If I screw up, my dad will beat the crap out of me" (to one degree or another)... like the kid in "Dances With Wolves"... who falls off his horse and breaks his arm while trying to steal Dunbar's horse, and says, "when my father finds out what I've done, I'll feel his bow across my back")". By the time kids get to their late teens, they'll mostly "get it" if they had decent parenting. If not, kids can become... well, you know.
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    FACT!!!! Great post!