Teen gal 16, solo, UNASSISTED, sails around the world

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bighog, May 16, 2010.

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  2. her parents are pond scum for allowing a teenage girl to go off like this.
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    Probably far less dangerous than giving a 16 year old a car to drive.

    This kid was determined and surely fearless. How could you hold her back?

    Think of all the sponsers who put their name on the boat, they had confidence in her.

    The more you look into her voyage, the more you admire her courage and moxie. What a lifetime adventure to remember.

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  5. This is almost as dumb as that idiot bobsledder who quit his job, lost his house, etc...

    That yacht had everything on it, GPS, phones, etc...... Ya just sit there and the damn thing steers itself.

    If I had a boat, I would've found this tart boat and sunk it.

  6. Not really, sailing through that shit is above and beyond the call of duty-ironically, the world yachting federation has an 18 yr age limit for records, so perhaps Jessica Watson may not get a record, as -wait for it-she is actually to young to set a record for the youngest person to circrumnavigate the globe.

    True, how weird is that.