Ted Spread Still Above 4

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MrDODGE, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. 4.36 to be exact. All of the media parading about the credit crisis being over is just false reporting.
  2. Probably. But if the sheeple believe it's over, maybe they'll stop yanking out their 401ks.
  3. Yes.....inconvenient truth! :D

    A -300 DOW day or more will not help Joe Public in his 401k decimation watch.
  4. The vast majority of people with 401k's don't check the market as often as we do. Those that already were going to sell into panic did so already last week.
  5. Almost every friend I know is viewing his/her 401k online each night, almost like a scared prisoner looking out his cell waiting for the guard to come back and torture him more.

  6. That's a buy signal, isn't it?
  7. where do you guys get the ted spread data/symbol? thanks

  8. Except for people who picked the "aggressive growth" option - they're probably doing ok, right? Because they're like, more aggressive or something?
  9. They must have been......not sure why they are all down so much, but they are shocked by the losses so far.
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